External trade in goods of Montenegro january - november 2019

The total external trade in goods of Montenegro for period january - november 2019 according to preliminary results is 2 757,5 million eur, indicating the growth of 2.0% in comparison with the same period for previous year.
The value of exports of goods was 373,5 million eur, and import was 2 384,0 million eur. Compared to the same period last year, exports increased by 2.2%, while imports increased by 2.0%.
The coverage of import by export was 15.7% and it was higher compared to the coverage for the same period of previous year when it was 15.6%.
In the structure of exports, in accordance with the Standard International Trade Classification (SITC), the most present products were Manufactured goods classified chiefly by material (Section 6), in amount of 90,1 million eur (consisted of: Non-ferrous metals 58,2 - million eur, Iron and steel -17,7 million eur and other).
In the structure of imports, in accordance with the SITC, the most present products were Machinery and transport equipment (Section 7) with 527,2 million eur (consisted of: Road vehicles -167,6 million eur, Electric machines, appliances 96,7 million eur and other).
Main trading partners in exports on an individual basis were: Serbia (93,2 million eur), Hungary (41,7 million eur) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (27,5 million eur).

Main trading partners in imports on an individual basis were: Serbia (460,7 million eur), Germany (222,0 million eur) and China (203,9 million eur). The highest external trade was with CEFTA parties and the EU member states.