Pre-primary education and child care 2019/2020

In Montenegro there are 49 pre-primary institutions of which 21 institutions are public and 28 are private, with the network of 170 child care units, within which there were organised 777 child care groups.
The total number of children enrolled in pre-primary institutions in school year 2019/2020 is 23 080. Of the total number of children, there are 47.4% (10 947) of enrolled girls and 52.6% (12 133) of boys. The share of enrolled children is more 6.5% in comparison with the previous school year. Of the total number of children, children enrolled in public institutions account for 95.3%.
The average number of children per educational group in public pre-primary institution is 32, and in private is the 14.

Of the total number of employees in pre-primary institutions, child-care workers account for 49%.