Category: Other producers of official statistics
Area: ONAs
Survey / data collection: Report on public debt

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  1. Contact
  2. Metadata update
  3. Statistical presentation
  4. Unit of measure
  5. Reference period
  6. Institutional mandate
  7. Confidentiality
  8. Release policy
  9. Frequency of dissemination
10. Accessibility and clarity
11. Quality management
12. Relevance
13. Accuracy and reliability
14. Timeliness and punctuality
15. Coherence and Comparability
17. Data revision
18. Statistical processing
19. Comment

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                                                                                     1. Contact                                                                           Vrh
1.1. Contact organization: Ministry of Finance and social welfare
1.2. Contact organization unit: Directorate for Public Debt
1.2. Contact organization unit: Stanka Dragojevica Street no: 2

                                                                                      2. Metadata update                                                                       Top
2.1. Metadata last certified:21.09.2021.
2.2. Metadata last posted:14 December 2022
2.3. Metadata last update:21.09.2021.

                                                                                3. Statistical presentation                                                                  Top
3.1. Data description:Data on domestic and foreign debt, debt amortisation, data on all debt indicators as well as entire central govrnemnt debt for the quarter concerned in apsolute terms and relatve to the GDP.
3.2. Classification system:Economic classification, Functional classification
3.3. Sector coverage:Central government sector
3.4. Statistical concepts and
The central government debt is related to the central government level. Central government level are public bodies and public administration bodies, legal persons and business entities that mainly provide services of public interest under managament control and mainly financed by the government. central Governemnt debt consists of foreign and domestic debt. In the report on central governemnt debt the foreign debt is presented by the creditor (loans and eurobonds) while the domestic debt is presented per instrument like: loans eoth comercial banks, old savings, liabilities related to restitution, old pensions, treasury bills, doemstic bonds, state owned enterprises and legal entities. Additionally, report contains information on currency and interest rate tructure.
3.5. Statistical unit:MFSW; IMF; World Bank; rating agencies and other international and financial institutions
3.6. Statistical population:Statistical population consists of central governemnt level i.e. State administration bodies (ministries, administartions etc.), as well as legal entities and enterprises mainly providing servoces of the public interests which are under the control of the State or mainly owned by the State
3.7. Reference area:Montenegro
3.8. Time coverage:The data on the Report on central Governemnt Debt are available from 31 December 2006
3.9. Base period:January-March, April-June, June-September, September-December

                                                                                      4. Unit of measure                                                                        Top
in millions euros

                                                                                     5. Reference period                                                                       Top

                                                                                  6. Institutional mandate                                                                    Top
6.1. Legal acts and other
Law on Budget and Fiscal Responsibility
6.2. Data sharing:MFSW, Central Bank of Montenegro; IMF; World Bank; rating agencies and other international and financial institutions

                                                                                        7. Confidentiality                                                                          Top
7.1. Confidentiality - policy:Not relevant
7.2. Confidentiality - data
Not relevant

                                                                                        8. Release policy                                                                         Top
8.1. Release calendar: The Statistical Release Calendar is a document published on the website of Statistical Office as the statistical producer but also on the Statistical Council. It is published on the website not later than 20 December of current year for the previous year. All producers are obliged to produce and maintain the Calenda. Thus, this is a uniform document covering all statistical producers in Montenegro defined by the Law on Official Statistics and Official Statistical System and which publish statistical data.
8.2. Release calendar - access:
8.3. User access:

                                                                            9. Frequency of dissemination                                                             Top

                                                                                  10. Accessibility and clarity                                                                Top
10.1. News release:
10.2. Publications:
10.3. Online database:
10.4. Micro-data access:Not available
10.5. Other:web, paper forms

10.6. Documentation on methodology:
Pursuant to the Law on Budget and Fiscal Liability (Official Gazette of Montenegro No. 020/14 od 25.04.2014, 056/14 od 24.12.2014, 070/17 od 27.10.2017, 004/18 od 26.01.2018, 055/18 od 01.08.2018, 066/19 od 06.12.2019, 070/21 od 25.06.2021)
10.7. Quality documentation:The task of official statistics is to provide quantitative and representative information on economic, demographic, social and environmental conditions in Montenegro, to all users according to the internationally defined methodology and the highest professional standards. Data for national needs and international dissemination are provided with minimum costs. On the following link, you can download the Quality Policy:

                                                                                  11. Quality management                                                                 Top
11.1. Quality assurance:Modern management approach, professional development of staff, regular harmonization with international standards, customer orientation, process modernization
11.2. Quality assesment:Not available

                                                                                        12. Relevance                                                                              Top
12.1. User needs:MFSW, CBCG, IMF, World Bank, European Commission, rating agencies
12.2. User satisfaction:
12.3. Completeness:National requirements have been met.

                                                                                  13. Accuracy and reliability                                                              Top
13.1. Overall accuracy:The data on government debt are obtained by reporting method, thus they are subject common error types when processed
13.2. Sampling error:Not relevant
13.3. Non-sampling error:Not relevant

                                                                              14. Timeliness and punctuality                                                          Top
14.1. Timeliness:Not relevant
14.2. Punctuality:Not relevant

                                                                                      15. Coherence and Comparability                                                                          Top
15.1. Comparability -
The data are partly comparable with data of other countries.
15.2. Comparability over time:The data re complitely comparable

15.3. Coherence - cross
There is no similar survey to be compared with.
15.4. Coherence - internal:Not available

                                                                                        17. Data revision                                                                          Top
17.1. Data revision - policy:Not available
17.2. Data revision - practice:Not relevant

                                                                                 18. Statistical processing                                                                 Top
18.1. Source data:SAP system with internally data management, takodje, podaci dobijeni od op?tina i privrednih dru?tava
18.2. Frequency of data
30 days after the end of quarter
18.3. Data collection:The data are collected via administrative sources and reporting methods.
18.6. Adjustment:Not relevant


                                                                                           19. Comment                                                                             Top