Labour Force survey 2019

This release contains data received through the Labour Force Survey conducted in the 2019 and the observation period was from January to December 2019. The interviewing was done in 8 442 households on the territory of Montenegro. There were collected data about demographic characteristics for all members of the households (24 505 persons were surveyed) and in addition also data about economic activity for persons aged 15 and more (21 157 persons).

According to the data for four quarters in the 2019, there were 287.3 thousands of active populations in Montenegro, out of which there were 243.8 thousands of employed persons or 84.9% and 43.4 thousands of unemployed or 15.1%. The number of persons in employment in comparison with the previous year has increased by 2.7% and the number of unemployed persons in comparison with the previous year has increased by 2.1%. There were 213.1 thousands of inactive populations and in comparison with the previous year the number of inactive has decreased by 3.1%.

The activity rate for the 2019 is 57.4%, the employment rate is 48.7%, the unemployment rate is 15.1% and the inactivity rate is 42.6%.