The importance of official statistics in modern society is everyday increasing. It is a foundation for many political, economic, social, and other decisions which commits official statistical producers to produce relevant, accurate, and reliable official statistical data.

Official statistics produced by Statistical Office is done in accordance with modern European standards and Eurostat’s recommendations.

Official statistical producers disseminate statistical data in accordance with terms and conditions specified by the Programme of Official Statistics and the Law on Official Statistics and Official Statistical System. The official statistical data are at the same time and equally available to all users, in accordance with the Statistical Release Calendar.

Pursuant to Article 7 of the Law on Official Statistics and Official Statistical System, there are covered the following official statistics producers:

1. Statistical Office;

2. Central Bank of Montenegro, 

3. Ministry of Finance,

4. Other official statistical producers defined by the Official Statistical Programme. 

Statistical Office is the main holder and disseminator of statistical data, as well as responsible professional authority, organiser, and coordinator of official statistics system, and it represents the official statistics of Montenegro in the international statistical system. 

In collecting, producing, processing, and disseminating statistical data, official statistical producers must apply official statistics principles, as well as methodologies and standards for producing statistics under their responsibility to produce transparent and internationally comparable data, upon the approval of the Statistical Office, and in accordance with the Law on Official Statistics and Official Statistical System. 

Other official statistical producers defined by the Programme of Official Statistics for Period 2024-2028 (Official Gazette of Montenegro No 122/23) are:

1. Public Health Institute of Montenegro, and

2. Pension and Disability Insurance Fund of Montenegro.