Preliminary results of the 2023 Census of Population, Households, and Dwellings

The release presents preliminary results of the census of population, households and dwellings carried out in period from 3 to 30 December 2023, in line with international recommendations of UNECE and instructions of the implementing Regulation (EC) No 763/2008 of the European parliament and of the Council.

According to the preliminary results of the Census of Population, Households and Dwellings in 2023, there are 633 158 people living in Montenegro. The census collected the data on 217 441 households, 396 873 dwellings, while there were 673 203 persons in total enumerated during the data collection phase.

The aim of releasing the preliminary results of the census is to timely meet the need of users until the final census data are released.

Preliminary results of the census comprise the main data on total number of enumerated persons, number of population, households and dwellings derived based on the results of enumeration areas during the field work, and presented via summary values by settlements, local self-government units, and for territory of Montenegro. These data have not passed the overall process of statistical data processing and are subject to change, i.e. revision until the final results are released.

After having the preliminary results of the census entered, statistical control and statistical processing done in line with the defined Methodology, the final results of the census will be provided, and released successively in the second half of 2024.