Programmes and other donor activities

EU, Eurostat - Since 2007, the Western Balkans and Turkey received assistance under the Instrument for pre-accession assistance (IPA) to help beneficiaries meet the requirements for EU membership and align their standards with the EU (and statistics is one of its domains).
IPA’s Multi-Beneficiary programmes (MB) focus on regional aspects, giving the possibility to the countries to learn from each other's experience via:

  • Regional projects – to facilitate cooperation between beneficiaries in the region's different countries, promoting reconciliation, reconstruction and political cooperation. 
  • Horizontal projects – addressing shared needs of several beneficiaries and where efficient implementation and economies of scale can be achieved (e.g. statistics, environmental projects).

National IPA programmes of which the, first one in Montenegro, 2007 edition started in August 2009 and covers a period of 2 years. These projects are improving the quality, sustainability and efficiency of the Montenegrin statistical system.
Besides IPA program, development of Montenegro is supported through special projects that are financed by the Government of the EU Member States.

UN organizations - MONSTAT received additional support for development strengthening of statistical system from UN programs and funds, like from the specialized agencies (UNICEF, UNODC, World Bank, IMF, etc.)
Over the years, Montenegro also received assistance from other donors and organisations;

SIDA project  provides the assistance in the area of environment statistics, gender statistics, and statistical methodology development .

OECD, EFTA and other organizations (September 2004 – February 2008) supported two regional projects on non-observed economy to improve the exhaustiveness of the national accounts in line with Eurostat’s Tabular Approach to Exhaustiveness and the OECD handbook "Measuring the Non-Observed Economy".