Montenegro’s EU accession process

15 December 2008 – Montenegro applies for the EU membership.
22 July 2009 – European Commission delivers the Questionnaire to the Government of Montenegro. Montenegro forwards the answers and additional answers to the Questionnaire on 9 December 2009 and 12 April 2010.
9 November 2010 – European Commission gives positive opinion for the Montenegro’s application for the EU membership.
17 December 2010 – European Council provides the candidate status to Montenegro.
12 October 2011 – In Progress Report, European Commission recommends opening of accession negotiations with EU.
23 May 2012 – European Commission publishes the Progress Report for Montenegro regarding the implementation of reforms, and recommends to the EU member states to open negotiations between Montenegro and EU in June 2012.
26 June 2012 – European Council for general affairs in Luxembourg decided to recommend European Commission to start accession negotiations between Montenegro and EU.
29 June 2012 – Official starting of negotiation process between Montenegro and European Union.
27 June 2013 – Screening process finished for 33 negotiation chapters.
16 December 2014 – Officially opened negotiation chapters: 18 – Statistics, 28 – Consumer and Health Protection, 29 – Customs, 33 – Financial and budgetary issues. 

In the negotiation process, Statistical Office of Montenegro – MONSTAT has a key role within the chapter 18 - Statistics, aligning the statistics with international standards and methodologies. MONSTAT also has a key role in many other chapters. The data provided by MONSTAT to the users serves for the monitoring of progress within the implementation of policy toward certain areas.

Montenegro’s EU accession process is monitored by two reports: