Statistical Office of Montenegro obtained the license for scientific and research activity

On July 10, 2017, the Ministry of Science issued a license for work to the Statistical Office for carrying out scientific and research activities in the field of social sciences (Decision No 1 - 1068/4).

On the basis of the founding and other documentation and through direct inspection, The Commission of the Ministry of Science assessed that the conditions for licensing are fulfilled in accordance with Articles 29 and 30 of the Law on Scientific Research Activities (Official Gazette of Montenegro No 80/10 and 57/14) and Article 4 of the Rulebook on Detailed Requirements for Establishment and Licensing of Scientific Research Institutions (Official Gazette of Montenegro No 40/15).

Statistical Office of Montenegro - MONSTAT is the competent authority for the production of official statistics. MONSTAT's role as the main coordinator of official statistics in the Montenegrin statistical system has been recognized by domestic and international public.

As the statistical leader, MONSTAT has an obligation to perform data collection, processing and dissemination of Montenegrin statistics in a professionally independent, transparent and highly professional manner.

In our work we rely on contemporary European trends, and we strive to adapt our work to the rules of the supreme European statistical body - EUROSTAT.

Our mission is to produce statistics that will help citizens, state and scientific and research institutions,media, and other statistical users, providing them with an easy and quick insight into the results of the survey that we carry out.

Expanding the cooperation between MONSTAT and the general public is also one of the important goals in our future work in order to make the work that we are doing more transparent, accessible, and visible tobdomestic and international public.