Survey on living conditions and women safety (EU-GBV)

Legal basis

The Survey on Living Conditions and Women Safety (EU - GBV) is implemented on the basis of the Law on Official Statistics and Official Statistical System (Official Gazette of Montenegro No 18/12 and 47/19).

Methodological bases

During 2021, Statistical Office for the first time implemented the ‘Survey on Living Conditions and Women Safety (EU-GBV)’ in Montenegro, in line with the Eurostat’s methodology, ensuring the data comparability on gender-based violence across the EU countries.

The Survey on Living Conditions and Women Safety (EU-GBV) survey uses concept of gender-based violence against women and concept of domestic violence, and it includes different types of violence, as well as relationship between victim and perpetrator.

The survey is based on the respondents’ statements.

Aim of survey

The aim of survey is to obtain the data on gender-based violence, as it follows:

  • Intimate partner violence,
  • Violence by any perpetrator,
  • Domestic violence,
  • Sexual harassment at work,
  • Violence in childhood,
  • Stalking.

Data source

The data source is households at the territory of Montenegro.

Target population defined by EU – GBV survey is women of age from 18 to 74 years.

Obligation of protection of individual data

The protection of individual data on households and persons is completely ensured.