Business Demography

Legal basis

The legal basis for processing, preparation and dissemination of the data on business demography is Regulation (EC) No.295/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 March 2008 concerning structural business statistics (Annex IX).

Methodological bases

The Business Register - BR is a major source of statistics on Business Demography. Quality and accuracy of BR is therefore important to the quality of statistics on Business Demography produced from the BR.
Business Demography statistics are usually produced by calendar year with the most recent year being referred to as reference year t.
In simple terms, Business Demography measures the number of active businesses in year t, as well as the number of business births and deaths. These data are produced for all businesses, as well as those with at least 1 employee. 
These data for reference year t can then be compared with years t-1, t-2, t-3, t-4, and t-5 to produce statistics on birth/death rates, survival rates, high growth industries, foreign ownership, and regional analysis.

Methodological explanations Data