Labour Force Survey


Labour force in our country is being implemented since 1994. Surveys  of this type are part of the statistical tradition of developed countries for many years, and many developing countries and countries in transition also be implemented over the last few years. Survey  is a method that is mainly based on a sample of observation units and used a questionnaire to get answers about the case study.
Labour Force Survey will collect information on economically active population or labor force in Montenegro, as recommended by the ILO (International Labour Organisation - ILO). Labor force includes all persons working or seeking work in order to earn their living. Therefore, the main categories which are researching  the total employment, unemployment, and demographic, educational, socio-economic and other characteristics of individuals that are in each of the individual groups.
The main objective of the survey to gain insight into the behavior of certain groups in the labor market in a way that enables the application of modern methods of analysis of any scientific fields: economics, sociology, psychology and others. One of the main objectives of the survey is that when defining the overall employment and unemployment, international standards apply to this category could be compared to equivalent categories in other countries, especially European countries. Survey, as in the procedures of sample selection and in defining the questionnaire, based on the recommendations of the International Labour Organization.

Data Methodology Releases