Short-term indicators

The Short-Term Indicators Department are monitored the volume, structure and dynamics of economic activities on a monthly, quarterly, annual and multi-annual level. In this regard, there are collected the statistical information necessary for the adoption of measures and the creation of various policies in the fields of industry, construction, retail trade, other services and investments.

The basic role of short-term indicators is to provide information for monitoring and analysis of short-term development of the part of the economy necessary for making important decisions within the current economic policy.

The Statistical Office of Montenegro collects, processes, analyzes and publishes statistical data in the field of short-term statistics. It creates questionnaires, develops applications for data entry and processing of results, prepares and applies methodologies, conducts all surveys in accordance with the Plan and Program of Official statistics.

During the process of producing short-term statistics, international and European standards are applied for the collection, processing and publication of data using classifications that are in line with international standards, so as to ensure comparability at the national and international level.