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Classification of Individual Consumption by Purpose, 1999 version

General description

Full title:

Classification of individual consumption by purpose.



Originating authority:

United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD)

Legal basis:

The System of National Accounts, of which COICOP is part, was adopted by the United Nations Statistical Commission at its fifteenth session (Resolution 1 (XV) - SNA 1968) and at its twenty-seventh session (Resolution 1993/5 - SNA 1993).

Implementation date:



Level 1: 14 divisions identified by two-digit numerical codes; 
Level 2: 39 groups identified by three-digit numerical codes;
Level 3: 93 classes identified by four-digit numerical codes.

Detailed description:

With the he aforementioned Regulation of the European Union, sub-indices of the harmonized index of consumer prices (HICP) are set out,  which should be produced each month by the member states, and which is then sent to Eurostat in carrying out their dissemination. Sub-indices of harmonized consumer price index is defined as the price index for any of the cost categories listed in the classification.

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Main statistical applications:

Publication of harmonized price index.




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