Agriculture and fishing

Description of statistical domain: 

Department of Agriculture Statistics under Sector of Agriculture, Forestry and Environment Statistics covers structural statistics, crop production statistics, livestock statistics, agro-monetary statistics and fisheries statistics. Department of Agriculture Statistics works on the development of methodology and conducting surveys in the area of agriculture and fishery statistics. The data on agriculture were obtained through, in addition to regular surveys, the Census of Population, Dwellings, and Households (the last time was in 2003 with only 16 questions on agriculture) and the Census of Agriculture 2010. The tradition of agriculture data collection dates from the 18th century in those areas that were under the Austria-Hungarian Empire (canton of Kotor and Herceg Novi), but the census of livestock in Kingdom of Montenegro was not carried out. General censuses of agriculture were carried out in the following years: 1931, 1960, and 2010. 

Legal and methodological basis

Legal basis for conducting any survey in the area of agriculture and fishery statistics is Law on Official Statistics and Official Statistical System of Montenegro (Official Gazette of Montenegro 18/12). The total number of surveys is 23, of which there are 5 monthly surveys; 2 quarterly surveys; and 17 annual surveys.

The data on agriculture are collected by complex annual surveys for which there are provided methodological notes under appropriate statistical subdomain. 

Structural statistics Crop production statistics Livestock statistics Fishery statistics