Social protection

Legal basis

The legal basis for the implementation of Social protection statistics is the Law on Official Statistics and the System of Official Statistics ("Official Gazette of Montenegro", No. 018/12 from 30.03.2012, 047/19 from 12.08.2019)


Purpose of survey

Purpose of survey in the area of social protection is collection, processing and publishing the data on users of material benefits from social and child protection (child support, material support, personal disability allowance and care and support allowance) as well as users of accommodation in institution of social and child protection, and to provide a comprehensive and coherent description of social protection in the country.

Data sources and coverage

From 2015, data provided for this survey were obtained through annual Report on Work of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare of Montenegro. 

By 2015, data were received trough statistical reports of social welfare centers and institutions for social protection of children, youth and adults, and were carrying out to the two-year period.

The main sources are administrative data collected by reporting units, or annual financial reports of reporting units. The reporting units for ESSPROS are: the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare of Montenegro, the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund of Montenegro, the Health Insurance Fund of Montenegro, Employment Agency of Montenegro, Tax Administration, Labor Fund of Montenegro, Local Authorities and Ministry of Agriculture in Montenegro.

Confidentiality and protection of individual data

The obtained data from reporting units are an official secret and are used exclusively for statistical purposes and not be published or made available to any user. The results of the surveys are published at an aggregated level which fully ensures the confidentiality of individual data.