Investments in fixed assets

Legal basis

The legal basis for the implementation of the survey of investments in fixed assets is the Law on Official Statistics and Official Statistical System of Montenegro ("Official Gazette of Montenegro“, No. 18/12 and 47/19) and Annual plan of statistical surveys.

The aim of statistical survey

The aim of the survey is to collect the data necessary for the calculation of investments in fixed assets of business entities in Montenegro.

Coverage of survey

Survey on investments in fixed assets cover all business entities in Montenegro that are direct investors (whether they are in regular or probationary work, in setting up or in liquidation) which are registered in sectors from A to S, according to the classification NACE Rev. 2.

Research method

Sample-based survey.

Level of publishing data



Data obtained from reporting units represent an official secret and used only for statistical purposes and cannot be published or made available to any user. The results of the survey are published at the aggregated level and the privacy of the individual data is completely ensured.

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