Register of spatial units

By creating a database of unique records and register of spatial units in the territory of Montenegro would be provided numerical and graphical data as an integral part of infrastructure of national spatial data.

These data are essential for achieving both short-and medium-term and long-term goals aimed primarily for the purpose of conducting the Agriculture Census  2009  and Population Census 2011as well as other regular surveys in Montenegro. Also, the need for creating a database of unique records and register of spatial units in the territory of Montenegro, is expressed in other relevant agencies and ministries.
Spatial Register covers the territory of Republic of Montenegro, divided into units of spatial register by municipalities, villages, local communities, cadastral municipalities, statistical and enumeration areas .According to present status in the territory of Montenegro has a total of:
- Administrative center, the capital and 19 municipalities,
- 1256 settlement, (40 urban and 1216 other types of settlements)

Legislation relating to this register:
-Law on unique records and register of spatial units ("Official Gazette of Montenegro 43/90” and Official Gazette of Montenegro  27/94”)
-Law on Settlements (“ Official Gazette of Montenegro 29/90” and “Official Gazette of Montenegro  48/91, 17/92 and 27/94”);

According to the Law on Unique Records and Register of Territorial Units the  Statistical Office Department is administration body  that is keeping this evidence. According to the current situation in the Statistical Office there is an electronic database of all territorial units with their names and codes. Also, it is  established code connection of the lower spatial units to higher spatial unit. Statistical Office has  electronic database of the description of the boundaries of statistical and enumeration areas.
For graphics, the same law is in charge of the Real Estate.