Category: Other producers of official statistics
Area: ONAs
Survey / data collection: Report on Drinking Water, Bottled Water, Mineral and Spring Water Quality Control

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  1. Contact
  2. Metadata update
  3. Statistical presentation
  4. Unit of measure
  5. Reference period
  6. Institutional mandate
  7. Confidentiality
  8. Release policy
  9. Frequency of dissemination
10. Accessibility and clarity
11. Quality management
12. Relevance
13. Accuracy and reliability
14. Timeliness and punctuality
15. Coherence and Comparability
17. Data revision
18. Statistical processing
19. Comment

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                                                                                     1. Contact                                                                           Vrh
1.1. Contact organization: Institute of Public Health of Montenegro
1.2. Contact organization unit: Center for Health Ecology
1.2. Contact organization unit: D?ona D?eksona bb, 81000 Podgorica Crna Gora

                                                                                      2. Metadata update                                                                       Top
2.1. Metadata last certified:
2.2. Metadata last posted:14 December 2022
2.3. Metadata last update:20 October 2021

                                                                                3. Statistical presentation                                                                  Top
3.1. Data description:Fizicke, fizicko - hemijske i hemijske karakteristike voda na mjestima vodozahvata, firme ili nazivi organizacija, odnosno vlasnika vodnog objekta, fizicka, fizicko - hemijska, hemijska i radiolo?ka analiza uzorka, vrsta izvori?ta, zona sanitarne za?tite.
3.2. Classification system:Modul 07.1.54
3.3. Sector coverage:Health and protection
3.4. Statistical concepts and
3.5. Statistical unit:Health care institutions and other organizations that deal with the examination of the hygienic correctness of drinking water
3.6. Statistical population:
3.7. Reference area:Montenegro
3.8. Time coverage:Pursuant to the Law on Keeping Records in Health from 1978, there are reports aligned with the defined methodology, while the new law from 2008 regulating data collections in health defines new methodology and reports
3.9. Base period:

                                                                                      4. Unit of measure                                                                        Top
Number of annually tested drinking water samples for physico-chemical and microbiological analyzes by municipalities in Montenegro, percentage of correctness of tested drinking samples for physical-chemical and microbiological analyzes in Montenegro

                                                                                     5. Reference period                                                                       Top

                                                                                  6. Institutional mandate                                                                    Top
6.1. Legal acts and other
The Law on Collectons of Data in Health Area, The Law on Official Statistics and Official Statistical System
6.2. Data sharing:EUROSTAT, WHO, MONSTAT

                                                                                        7. Confidentiality                                                                          Top
7.1. Confidentiality - policy:Law on Protection of Personal Data , Article 56 of the Law on Statistics and Statistical System
7.2. Confidentiality - data
Data are not published.

                                                                                        8. Release policy                                                                         Top
8.1. Release calendar:30 June 2021.The data are published on date defined by Statistical Release Calendar. The Calendar is publicly available.
8.2. Release calendar - access:Statistical Release Calendar is available on the website of Statistical Office.
8.3. User access:A user can obtain the data upon the written request sent to the Institute for Public Health or from the annual publication Statistical Yearbook on population health and health care published on the website of the Institute for Public Health,

                                                                            9. Frequency of dissemination                                                             Top
The data are annually published in printed form and within the annual publication - Statistical Yearbook on population health and health care; The data are annually submitted to Eurostat pursuant to the requested methodology

                                                                                  10. Accessibility and clarity                                                                Top
10.1. News release:For reports there are not given occasional releases. Notices can be given upon request of media in written form or via Institute website, mainly in general form when it is about monitoring over diseases from the epidemiological aspect or in a precisely defined form if a user requests a precise data.
10.2. Publications:Statistical yearbook on health care and population health, which is published once a year in electronic form on the website
10.3. Online database:Printed form for individual report, electronic version of statistical yearbook on population health and health care can be found on the website of the Institute for Public Health,
10.4. Micro-data access:Not relevant variable
10.5. Other:At the request of users: Ministry of Health, media, international organizations

10.6. Documentation on methodology:
10.7. Quality documentation:

                                                                                  11. Quality management                                                                 Top
11.1. Quality assurance:
11.2. Quality assesment:

                                                                                        12. Relevance                                                                              Top
12.1. User needs:
12.2. User satisfaction:User satisfaction survey was not carried out
12.3. Completeness:Up to now there have not been requested data that are not produced in this area.

                                                                                  13. Accuracy and reliability                                                              Top
13.1. Overall accuracy:Not relevant
13.2. Sampling error:Not relevant
13.3. Non-sampling error:Not relevant

                                                                              14. Timeliness and punctuality                                                          Top
14.1. Timeliness:
14.2. Punctuality:

                                                                                      15. Coherence and Comparability                                                                          Top
15.1. Comparability -
In certain segments, definitions differ compared to the Eurostat definitions what disable the comparability for these segments
15.2. Comparability over time:The data are fully comparable over time

15.3. Coherence - cross
Not relevant
15.4. Coherence - internal:Not relevant

                                                                                        17. Data revision                                                                          Top
17.1. Data revision - policy:There is no revision policy
17.2. Data revision - practice:Not relevant

                                                                                 18. Statistical processing                                                                 Top
18.1. Source data:Not relevant
18.2. Frequency of data
18.3. Data collection:
18.6. Adjustment:Not relevant


                                                                                           19. Comment                                                                             Top