Owners of business entities in Montenegro in 2011 by gender

The observation subjects of this analysis are active business entities which perform their activities in Montenegrin territory. Active business entities are entities which perform certain activity in observed year, have employed persons and make certain turnover.

To the countrary to them, registered business entities are registered as legal units but they becane really active at the moment of registering their fisrt employed perosn and first made turnover and by that they became real subject of observation as statistiucal unit.

For data presented and porcessed in this analyses, by gender as source it was used statistical  business register. It is used exclusivelly in statistical purpoeses and it is base for conducting of all statistical surveys that have as reporting unit entrprises,their parts, as well as enterpreuneurs. This register has fundamental significance for collecting of necessary statistical data needed for indicators of economical development and if it has satisfactory quality it will contribute to the great extent to better efficency and cost effectiveness of statitsical surveys.