Municipal waste in Montenegro 2015

The release comprises selected statistical data on the quantity of generated and collected municipal waste, equipment and machinery in 2015.
In 2015 Montenegro generated 326 477 tonnes of municipal waste or 1.2% less than in 2014. According to estimated number of inhabitants in Montenegro on 1st of January 2015, each inhabitant generated 525 kg of municipal waste per year in average or 1.44 kg municipal waste per day.
In Montenegro from total amount of generated municipal waste 303 697 tonnes of municipal waste were collected, including the subgroup 1501 – Packaging (including separately collected municipal waste in packaging). The public utility enterprises collected 293 842 tonnes of municipal waste (96.8% from total amount collected). Remaining amount of municipal waste were collected by other enterprises that have the permition for collecting of municipal waste and citizens that brought municipal waste directly to the landfill sites. In 2015 in average from each inhabitants of Montenegro the Public utility enterprises collected 472 kg of municipal waste or 1.29 kg of municipal waste per day.
In 2015, most public utility enterprises collected municipal waste stream, which includes mixed municipal waste 79.9%, followed by waste from gardens and parks of 12.7%, followed by separately collected fractions of 7.1% and packaging waste with 0.3% of collected waste. In 2015, 81.0% of the Montenegrin population used the public service in the public municipal waste collection.
The total number of permanent employees in the utilities to the Registry for the local government granted permission to perform the public service of collection and disposal of municipal waste in 2015 amounted to 2 260 employees (as of 31.12.2015.). In comparison with 2014, in 2015 for one day increased the average number of days in which waste was collected.
Donor funding in 2015 compared to 2014 the number of municipal container 1.1.m3 volume increased by 2.8%.