On Wednesday, 2 November 2016, in Podgorica, the director of Statistical Office, Ms. Gordana Radojevic, MSc, and rector of University of Montenegro, prof. Radmila Vojvodic signed the agreement on mutual cooperation in the field of statistics on high education.

Signing the agreement will improve the inter institutional cooperation necessary to establish a functional system for the production of official statistics, for national and European needs and defining plans for the harmonization of Chapter 18 – Statistics with EU standards. in this manner the duplication of statistical data at the level of Montenegro will be avoided and the costs of data collection and overburden of reporting units will be reduced.

In accordance with the Law on Official Statistics and Official Statistical System Statistical Office has the role of main coordinator of official statistical system. One of its obligations is control and creation of administrative sources. All administrative sources should be improved and the quality level of their data should be raised, so that Statistical Office obtains a harmonized statistics. This activity will be carried out in such a way that official statistics influence and insist on the harmonization of the methodology on collection of data from administrative sources with the methodology of European Union. If administrative sources harmonize their registers with the requests of Statistical Office, Montenegro will be able to produce statistics which is harmonized with the EU standards and internationally comparable.