Entrance of row cow’s milk and obtained products into the dairies September 2016

The total quantity of purchased cow's milk in September 2016 compared to September 2015, decreased by 2.2%. Compared to the monthly average in 2015 it purchased 0.2% less milk.

The content of fat in August 2016 compared to September 2015 increased by 5.1%, while the protein is increased by 1.1%. Compared with the annual average content of milk fat increased by 5.4% and protein by 1.4%.

In September 2016 compared to the same period in 2015, recorded an increase in production of buter cream 14.9%, fermented dairy products by 0.6% and cheese by 4.1% and reduced production of drinking milk by 55.6% and cream (traditional cream) 12.5%.

Compared with the previous month, purchased milk decreased by 10.5%, the content of milk fat decreased by 1.2% while protein decreased by 0.2%. Less production was of drinking milk (6.7%), cream (14.9%), fermented products (by 19.9%), cream (traditional cream 3.8%) and cheese (47.5%).

Compared to the monthly average realized in 2015 the total quantity of cow's milk purchased in September 2016 was less (0.2%). Compared to the monthly average realized in 2015 with September 2016 was less production of drinking milk (56.9%), while the increased production of cream (by 11.9%), fermented dairy products (by 6.7%), cream (traditional cream 2.8%) and cheese ( by 5.7%).

In September 2016, was not registered production of other yellow products.