Survey on arrivals and overnight stays of tourists, total 2020

In Montenegro, in 2020, tourists realised 83.2% less arrivals compared to 2019, while the number of overnight stays decreased by 82.1%. Of the total number of overnight stays, 86.1%, were realized by foreign tourists, and 13,9 % of overnight stays were realized by domestic tourists.
Concerning the structure of overnight stays of foreign tourist, in 2020, the most of them were realized by
tourists from Serbia (20.2%), Russia (17.7%), Bosnia and Hercegovina (15.2%) , Ukraine (8.5%), Albania (6.7%), Kosovo (5.8%), Germany (3.3) and Belarus (2.8%). Tourists from other countries were realised 19.8% overnight stays.
Concerning the structure of overnight stays by type of resort, in 2020, most of them were realised in seaside resorts (90.4%), capital (3.2%), mountain resorts (3.2%), and other tourists resorts (3.2%).