The estimate of number of population and demographic indicators

The purpose of producing population estimates is to obtain the data necessary for the analysis of natural changes of population in Montenegro and municipalities, natality, fertility, and other indicators.

According to the population estimates:

• Number of inhabitants in Montenegro in mid-2022 is 617 213;
• Number of children (aged 0-17) in Montenegro in mid-2022 is 132 606 or 21.5% of the total population;
• Working age population or the population aged 15-64 years is 406 741 or 65.9% of the total population;
• Population aged 65+ years is 99 951 or 16.2% of the total population;
• In Montenegro, on the basis of natural increase per 1 000 inhabitants, the population number decreases for 0.1 person;
• The 1 000 population per year made 5.3 marriages, which is the rate of marriages, and the divorce rate is 1.1;
• The rate of migration in Montenegro is 11.3 which means that for each of 1 000 inhabitants 11 persons changes their place of residence within the borders of Montenegro;
• Life expectancy at birth in 2022 is 76.2 years.