Subject: Reaction to article in daily newspaper “Dnevne novine”

On 28 November 2012 the daily newspaper “Dnevne novine” published the article on page 8: “Millions are going to import eggs and milk”.

With reference to the Law on Media (Official Gazette of the Republic of Montenegro 51/02, 62/02, and Official Gazette of Montenegro 46/10, 73/10, 40/11), Chapter VI Right to Correction and Reply;

And with reference to the Law on Statistics and Statistical System of Montenegro (Official Gazette of Montenegro 18/12), Article 11, the director of Statistical Office shall be entitled to provide public explanation in case of inaccurate interpretation or misuse of statistical data;

We would like to ask you to publish our reaction to your article.

Reaction to article: Millions are going to import eggs and milk

The newspaper "Dnevne novine" on 28 November 2012 on page 8, published an article titled "Millions are going to import eggs and milk". On that article, we give the following corrections:

  • Import of "Food, drinks and tobacco" from CEFTA countries was 229.4 million euros and not 299.3 million euros as published in the newspaper.
  • Import of "Food, drinks and tobacco" from the European Union countries amounted to 94.7 million euros and represents 6% of total imports of Montenegro and not 33% as reported, because the total imports of Montenegro was 1 544.3 million.
  • 354.9 million euro of "Food, drinks and tobacco" was imported in the first ten months of this year, not nine months as published.

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