Light Peer Review – LPR

In November 2009, Eurostat unit D1 (now unit A6) launched a three-year project aiming at conducting LPRs (of the NSIs) and AGAs (of the statistical systems) in the enlargement countries as well as in the ENP East countries.

LPRs are based on the structure and procedures of the ESS peer reviews and are designed for candidate countries and advanced potential candidates.

The objectives of LPRs are as follows:

  • to assess compliance of the reviewed NSI in particular with Principles 1-6 and 15 of the European Statistics Code of Practice,
  • to evaluate the coordination role of the NSI within the statistical system,
  • to highlight good practices suitable to foster compliance with the Code of Practice,
  • to recommend improvement actions needed in view of fully complying with the Code of Practice.

Light Peer Review – LPR, March 2012 – here you can download the report  219 KB.