Consumer prices index CPI - July 2011

Prices of goods and personal consumption services in Montenegro in July 2011 compared to June 2011 decreased in average for 0.3%. Consumer prices in July 2011 compared to July 2010 increased for 3.0%, while compared to December 2010 in average higher for 2.4%.

At the level of main group of products and services by consumption target in July 2011, compared to the previous month, an increase in prices is present in the following groups: Alcoholic beverages and tobacco (0.3%), Transport (0.2%), Health (0.1%), Communication (0.1%), while a decrease in prices is recorded in the following groups: Food and beverages (-0.9%).
Prices of products and services, in groups: Clothes and footwear, Housing, Household furnishing and equipment, Culture and leisure, Education, Hotels and restaurants, Other goods and services, remain at the same level of average prices as in the previous month.
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