Construction statistics, as part of Section of Short-term indicators, presents significant economic potential of Montenegro with the aim to collect, process and present data on changes in construction area It covers enterprises dealing with high construction, low construction, hydro construction, isolation and mounting works in construction area and engineering and designing.

Coverage of construction statistics is wide and data should include construction activity in country and in abroad. Construction statistics collects data by annual surveys  on construction works, on buildings built by individual owners, on consumption of construction and work material and on ruined building with apartments as well as adaptation of dwelling area. Apart from the annual surveys in quarter periodicity there are collected data on construction works that should provide results of construction activity according to type of construction, than on price of new construction apartments as well as data on construction permits which indicate future movement of construction activity.

Fore mentioned surveys there are methodological guidelines for their conduction. Guidelines contains all needed methodological explanations related to the aim and subject of survey, definition, units of observation, organization and conduction of survey as well as data processing  and their publishing and there are dedicated to participants in conduction of survey and data users.