Air transport

Air transport comprises traffic of aircrafts, passengers, goods, and mails performed by enterprises from the activity of air transport.

Airport is certain land or water area (including all buildings, facilities, and equipment) intended for aircraft take-off and landing, as well as for movements of aircrafts on the land area, and open for commercial air transport.

Passengers in the aircraft are all passengers in the aircraft during aircraft landing at the reporting airport or during aircraft taking-off from the reporting airport. All passengers transported with the aircraft for payment or not during certain part of the flight. Direct transit passengers are also covered.

Goods in the aircraft comprise all goods transported for payment, except mail, luggage, and stocks.

Air mail comprises letter mails, parcels, and newspapers taken over from the post by air transport enterprises.

The reporting units are all enterprises (companies) with services in the air transport as the main activity (Sector H, Area 52).