Industrial production (PRODCOM)

What is the purpose of survey?

The purpose of survey is to represent  production and turnover in industry, i.e. to follow annualy changes in physical volume of production and sales of industrial products. The term comes from the French "PRODuction COMmunautaire"  - community production for minning, quarrying and manufacturing :sections B and C of the Statistical Classification of Economy Activity in the European Union (NACE 2). Industrial production represent important economic indicators that can be used to create economic policy; to monitor trends of economic activities; and to use especially for national accounts needs.

Methodological bases

Main regulation that defines contents, coverage, classifications, and other rules related to conducting this survey is Regulation (EC) No 3924/91. PRODCOM survey uses the product codes specified on the PRODCOM list, which contains about 3900 different types of manufactured products which is update every year. This survey is conducted according  to Classification NACE Rev. 2.


Quantities of finished products covered by sections B, C and D of Classification NACE Rev. 2 are used for calculation of industrial production and sales of industrial products.

For more details on published data, methodology, and releases please see the sections below. 

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