Arrivals and overnight stays

Legal basis

Statistical survey on tourist arrivals and overnight stays is conducted on the basis of the Law on Official Statistics and Official Statistical System "Official Gazette of Montenegro", No.18 / 12 from 30.03.2012., and on the basis of the Annual plan of statistical surveys.


The purpose of the statistical survey

The aim of the statistical survey on tourist arrivals and overnight stays in accommodation establishments is to provide basic information on the scope of tourist traffic (arrivals and overnight stays) of domestic and foreign tourists.

Results of survey are used to create a tourism policy and strategy for the development of tourism, as well as the fulfillment of requests for information from domestic and foreign users.

Survey coverage

Collective accommodation: covers all collective accommodation establishments that provide accommodation services on the basis of approval for accommodation services according to the Tourism Law no. 61/10.

The establishments are classified into three groups according to the Classification of Activities (Nace REV.2):

  • 55.1 (hotels and similar accommodation);
  • 55.2 (holiday and other short-stay accommodation);
  • 55.3 (camping grounds, recreational vehicle parks and trailers parks).

Individual accommodation: covers accommodation establishments that provide accommodation services in households (individual tourist accommodation or so called "private accommodation"), which according to the Tourism Law (,,Official  Gazette of Montenegro", no. 61/10, Article 109) include accommodation units with a maximum of 15 beds and owned by natural persons.

Data sources

Collective accommodation: data source is the guestbook which are obliged to keep all entities engaged in the provision of accommodation for tourists.

Individual accommodation: administrative databases (Local Tourism Organizations, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, National Tourism Organization, Secretariats of Municipalities) and statistical sources and records.

Obligation to protect individual data 

Obtained results are published in aggregate form, which prevents the display of individual data of reporting units. 

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