Data confidentiality

Confidentiality and protection of statistical data are regulated by the Law on Statistics and Statistical System of Montenegro (''Official Gazette of Montenegro '' 18/12). All producers of statistics  determined in this law and also with  the Program of Statistical Surveys 2009-2013 as well as with  Annual Plan for 2009 (''Official Gazette of Montenegro '' 17/09) are responsible for the confidentiality and protection of statistical data.
One of the fundamental principles the Law is based on is the principle of statistical confidentiality and use of personal data exclusively for statistical purposes.

In accordance with these principles –statistical confidentiality represents the protection of data related to individual statistical unit, which are collected only for statistical purposes or obtained indirectly from administrative or other sources of any misuse. That implies the protection of the using data in non-statistical purposes and unlawful publication. The principle of statistical confidentiality does not apply to the statistical data on public administration bodies.
Based on Law individual data on the natural or legal persons are confidential and represent
an official secret. Data is confidential when allow direct or indirect identification of natural or legal persons.
This law stipulates that the producers of statistics should undertake, according to their official obligations, all measures of administrative, technical or organizational nature, needed  for the protection of confidential information from unlawful access, disclosure or use.

Confidentiality of data is guaranteed during the implementation of big statistical actions - Census of Population, Households and Dwellings and Agricultural Census.
Enumerators, instructors, controllers and other persons performing tasks related to census keep as confidential all information collected by interviewed persons  of persons related to their personal, family and financial conditions. When processing census data of  interviewed persons’ name and surname are not captured in. Upon completion of processing of the data, they are stored properly and kept up to their destruction.