Environment and forestry

 Description of statistical domain: 

Forestry and environment statistics in Statistical Office of Montenegro - MONSTAT are organised as a department, and together with the Department of Agriculture Statistics they comprise Sector of Agriculture, Forestry, and Environment.

The forestry statistics participates in developing methodology on forestry and produces indicators of felling, production of timber, and indicators of production and protection of forest, as well as indicators of hunting and number of game. 

Environment statistics area participates in developing methodological and organizational preparations for conducting statistical surveys on: water use and protection against the pollution in industry; irrigation systems; public water system and public sewage; municipal and industrial waste. This statistics develops and applies internationally harmonised statistical standards in the area of environment.

Legal and methodological basis: 

Legal basis for conducting all surveys in the area statistics forestry and environment is Law on Official Statistics and Official Statistical System of Montenegro (Official Gazette of Montenegro 18/12). The total number of surveys is 15, of which there are 1 monthly survey, 10 annual surveys, and 4 multi-annual surveys.

Forestry statistics Environment statistics