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Culture and art

 Legal basis
Legal basis for conducting surveys in the area of culture and sport statistics is Law on Official Statistics and Official Statistical System of Montenegro (Official Gazette of Montenegro 18/12).


Purpose of survey
Statistical units of these surveys are cultural institutions as legal persons established for the purpose of performing culture activity by which exercising citizens’ rights and meeting needs in the area of culture are provided.
The data referring to the culture are obtained through regular statistical surveys with different periodicity.

Data sources and coverage
The data are obtained from the following reporting units: cultural institutions and legal persons established for the purpose of performing culture activities and to meet needs of citizens in the area of culture, and legally registered at the competent ministry.

Obligation to protect individual data
The data obtained from reporting units are only used for statistical purposes, and they are published at the aggregated level.

For more details on published data, methodology, and releases please see the sections below.

Data Methodology Releases Metadata