Structural business statistics

Legal basis

Legal basis for conducting this statistical survey is Law on Official Statistics and Official Statistical System of Montenegro (Official Gazette of Montenegro 18/12), and Regulation EU 295/2008.


Purpose of survey

The survey is aimed at calculating indicators required for the analysis of the enterprises activity structure, structure of input and output in the production process, business effectiveness and competitiveness of enterprises at certain activity level. The structural business statistics (SBS) compilation data as well as those used in the calculation of SBS indicators are collected from existing administrative and statistical sources. The most important administrative data sources are the financial statements of business entities and statistical annex (Tax Administration). Other sources are statistical surveys within Statistical office: investment, statistics for labor market research, short-term statistics (research in the field of construction, trade and industry), and as well as data from the Business Register.

Coverage of survey

It covers all enterprises that are classified by the Classification of Activities (KD2010), which is in line with the European Classification of Activities NACE Rev. 2, registered in the B - S sectors (except the sector O - Public administration and defense, compulsory social security and sector K - Financial and insurance activities).

Enterprises are classified in classes pursuant to Law on Accounting and Revision of Montenegro (Official Gazette of Montenegro 80/08), and on the basis of criteria regulated by the European Union regulations.Business entities are classified according to size into three classes according to the number of employees:

  • Small (from 0 to 49 employees)
  • Medium (from 50 to 249 empolyees)
  • and Large (more than 250 employees).

Data sources 

The data sources are all business entities.

For more information about published data, methodologies, and releases please see the sections below. 

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