Enrolled students – basic studies Academic year 2015/2016

In the winter semester 2015/2016 at the higher education institutions in Montenegro, at the basic level, was enrolled 22 201 students, which is 8.2% less than in the winter semester of the previous academic year. The share of female was 53.7% (11 921), and 46.3% (10 280) of male students.
From total number of enrolled students, 17 008 or 76.6% was enrolled in Public Higher Education Institutions, and 5 193 or 23.4% in Private Higher Education Institutions. Number of students compared to the previous academic year at Public Higher Education institutions decreased by 7.1%, while the number of students enrolled in Private Higher Education Institutions decreased by 11.7%.

In the first year of study, academic year 2015/2016 were enrolled 7 151 students or 32.2% (here are included and students who repeatedly enrolled the first year). Number of students enrolled in the first year decreased by 10.8% compared to the previous academic year. Of all the students of the first year of study, participation of female is 51.5% (3 681), and 48.5% (3 470) of male students.