Amount of waste generated from industry 2016

The release comprises selected statistical data on the amount of waste generated and treated from industry in 2016. Waste from industry covers Sectors: B (Mining); C (Manufacturing); D (Electricity, gas and steam supply) and E (Water supply, sewerage, waste management and remediation).
In 2016 sectors from industry was generated 686 522 tonnes of waste.
Of the total 686 522 tonnes of waste generated in industry, mining sector has generated 337 620 tonnes, i.e. 49.2%; manufacturing sector 37 957 tonnes, i.e. 5.5%; sector of electricity, gas and steam supply 305 681 tonnes, i.e. 44.5% and sector water supply, sewerage, waste management and remediation 5 264 tonnes, i.e. 0.8%.
By sectors relationship of hazardous and non-hazardous waste is moved: mining sector (95.3% hazardous waste, 4.7% non-hazardous waste), manufacturing sector (97.5% of non-hazardous waste, 2.5% of hazardous waste), sector electricity, gas and steam supply (non-hazardous waste almost 100%) and sector water supply, sewerage, waste management and remediation (98.8% of non-hazardous waste, 1.2% of hazardous waste).
Of the total generated and stored waste in the amount of 834 303 tonnes in 2016, companies in the industry have their own processed 813 409 tonnes of waste, of which they own recovered 2.9% of waste, disposed 83.9% and temporarily stored 13.2% of waste. They exported 4 513 tonnes of waste and the remaining amount (16 381 tonnes) have handed over to other companies in Montenegro.
In its own processing operation is the most common backfilling with 82.3%, burning with 8.3%, followed by recycling with 7.4%, while other methods account for 2%. In 2016, industrial waste management in the industry covered 682 694 tonnes of waste, with the most abundant D1 disposal operations on land or in land with 47.4%.

Industrial enterprises in Montenegro in 2016 are directly exported 4 513 tons of waste, of which 48.5% is waste from wood processing, 24.6% almost metal waste, paper and cardboard packaging 20.3% and over 6.6% anode.