Number of livestock and poultry, production of milk, wool and eggs in Montenegro in 2016

 The total number of cattle in 2016 was 89 269. Compared to 2015 it was decreased by 3.4%. The number of cattle aged 1-2 years increased by 41.3%, while in young cattle under one year, as well as in cattle older than 2 years there was a decrease compared to the year 2015.

In 2016 the total number of goats amounted to 31 458 and is increased by 6%, as compared to 2015, while the total number of sheep was 191 992 and is smaller by 1.4%.
The number of pigs and poultry, in 2016 increased. So, the pigs are increased by 123.8%, while poultry are increased by 37.9%, compared to 2015.