Arrivals and overnight stays of tourists in collective accommodation February 2019

In Montenegro, in February 2019 in collective accommodation (hotels, camping sites, tourist resorts, vacation facilities, boarding houses, motels, etc.) tourists realised 53.2% more arrivals than in February 2018.
The number of realised overnight stays is 28.6% higher than in February 2018. Overnight stays of foreign tourists represent 75.1% while the domestic tourists represent 24.9% of all overnight stays in collective accommodation in February 2019.
In the first two months of 2019, tourists realised 31.2% more arrivals and 18.0% more overnight stays than in the same period of the previous year.
Concerning the structure of overnight stays of foreign tourists, in February 2019, the most of them were realised by tourists from Serbia (15.8%), Albania (13.7%), Germany (8.5%), Russia (5.5%), Croatia (4.6%), Bosnia and Herzegovina (4.1%), Turkey (3.9%) and China (3.8%). Tourists from other countries realised 40.1% overnight stays.

Concerning the structure of overnight stays by type of resort, the most of them were realised in seaside resorts (62.0%), capital (19.4%), in mountain resorts (12.7%) and in other tourist resorts (5.9%).