Eurostat unit A-6 monitors compliance of the statistical systems of the enlargement countries (and an increasing number of ENP East countries) with the acquis in statistics. The compliance monitoring is undertaken once a year in cooperation with the NSIs. The Statistical Requirements Compendium and SMIS+ (Statistical Management Information System) are two important tools used in the compliance monitoring process.

The NSIs are asked to conduct a self-assessment of the development of the statistical system in their countries by submitting on-line information into SMIS+. The potential candidates are asked to provide their general assessment at the theme level and candidate countries at the module level including, where it is possible, the legal basis and data sets listed in SMIS+. The countries are asked as well to set the level of compliance for each module/theme.

Unit A-6 and the technical units provide their feedback to the NSIs' assessments by entering their evaluation into the application. As a result of this exercise SMIS+ can generate assessment reports used for the accession process by Eurostat as well as for the monitoring of compliance by the NSIs themselves. The assessments reports are important inputs for the "Statistics" chapter 18 in the progress reports adopted by the Commission each year as well as for other monitoring purposes conducted by unit A-6.

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