Adapted Global Assessment – AGA

In November 2009, Eurostat unit D1 (now unit A6) launched a three-year project aiming at conducting LPRs (of the NSIs) and AGAs (of the statistical systems) in the enlargement countries as well as in the ENP East countries.

AGAs are based on traditional global reviews of statistical systems but specifically adapted to the potential candidates and ENP countries aiming at aligning their statistical production with European standards. AGAs have the following main objectives:

  • to assess the administrative and technical capacity of the reviewed statistical systems,
  • to assess the statistical law and other legal acts and its respect of the European and international recommendations and principles,
  • to assess the mechanisms used by the NSI to coordinate the statistical system,
  • to review the medium and long-term planning mechanisms in place,
  • to propose a list of actions to be undertaken in order to improve and strengthen the statistical system,
  • to assess the statistical production against the acquis in statistics.

Adapted Global Assessment – AGA, March 2010 – here you can download the report  314 KB.