Progress Report

The EU operates comprehensive approval procedures that ensure new members are admitted only when they can demonstrate they will be able to play their part fully as members, namely by:

  • complying with all the EU's standards and rules;
  • having the consent of the EU institutions and EU member states;
  • having the consent of their citizens – as expressed through approval in their national parliament or by referendum.

Throughout the negotiations, the Commission monitors the candidate's progress in applying EU legislation and meeting its other commitments, including any benchmark requirements. This gives the candidate additional guidance as it assumes the responsibilities of membership, as well as an assurance to current members that the candidate is meeting the conditions for joining.

The Commission also keeps the EU Council and European Parliament informed throughout the process, through Progress reports, strategy papers, and clarifications on conditions for further progress.

On 12 October the European Commission published its annual overview of enlargement policy and the progress made towards EU accession in the Western Balkans, Turkey and Iceland.

This "enlargement package" consists of a global strategy document setting out the policy's goals and prospects for the coming year, as well as progress reports for each of the (potential) candidates, assessing their achievements over the last twelve months.

In the Annual Progress Report, MONSTAT is responsible for reporting on Chapter 18 – Statistics

Progress report  2018 1.32 MB Chapter 18 – Statistics 2018 72 KB

Progress report  2016 1.57 MB Chapter 18 – Statistics 2016 74 KB

Progress report  2015 576 KB Chapter 18 – Statistics 2015   43 KB

Progress report  2014 689 KB Chapter 18 – Statistics 2014   26 KB

Progress report  2013 668 KB Chapter 18 – Statistics 2013   24 KB

Progress report  2012 363 KB Chapter 18 – Statistics 2012   24 KB

Progress report  2011 432 KB Chapter 18 – Statistics 2011    25 KB

Progress report  2010 614 KB Chapter 18 – Statistics 2010    29 KB

Progress report  2009 347 KB Chapter 18 – Statistics 2009   24 KB

Progress report  2008 262 KB Chapter 18 – Statistics 2008    24 KB