Quality reports 2017.

National accounts
Labour market
  • Labour force survey


Foreign trade


  • Industrial production (PRODCOM)
  • Index of production and turnover in industry


  • Prices of dwellings in new residential buildings
  • Building permits
  • Construction activity
  • Construction works
  • Ruined building with dwellings
  • Consumption of building material, electricity and gas

Retail trade

  • Monthly survey on retail trade
  • Annual survey on wholesale trade

Other services

  • Quarterly survey on the turnover in services


  • Investments in basic resources


Energy statistics

  • Balance of electricity
  • Balance of coal
  • Balance of oil products
  • Balance of fuel woods


Agriculture and fishing

  • Montly survey on the sold agricultural products from own production by  agricultural enterprises and collective farms
  • Survey on actual yield of late-season crops, fruit and grapes
  • Report on production of white-fleshed fish and shellfish in mariculture
  • Annual survey on fishermen and fishing equipment of the marine fishing
  • FSS
  • Annual survey on livestock on agricultural holdings
  • Report on entrance of raw milk and obtained milk products
  • Annual survey on marine fish catch, done for individual (private) fishermen and enterprises
  • Montly report on entrance of raw milk (cow milk) and obtained milk products
  • Montly survey of slaughtered livestock and poultry in private slaughterhouses
  • Annual survey on fish farming in fishponds
  • Annual survey on river and lake fishing organized by legal entities and sports fishing associations
  • Annual survey on veterinary services
  • Annual survey on livestock of agricultural enterprises and cooperatives

Forestry and environment

  • Monthly survey on production of forests products
  • Annual survey on water against pollution from industry
  • Annual survey on industrial waste
  • Survey on municipal waste

Structural business statistics and foreign affiliate’s statistics

  • Structural business statistics
  • Foreign affiliates statistics

Household consumption

Social protection
Administration of justice

Purchasing power parity