IPA 2014 multi-beneficiary project – GRANT

IPA 2014 multi-beneficiary project - GRANT was implemented from October 2015 until August 2017. Under the programme, the following pilot project are covered and implemented:

1. Methodology of national accounts;

2. ESA 2010 data transmission programme/Quarterly National Accounts;

3. Price statistics – Purchasing power parity (PPP);

4. Business statistics: methodology on profiling, statistical units of businesses, Euro Groups RegisterEGR;

5. Survey on ICT use in households, by individuals and enterprises;

6. Transport statistics;

7. Short-term statistics;

8. Tourism statistics;

9. Price statistics - Harmonised index of consumer prices (HICP); House Price Index (HPI);

10. Annual crop statistics;

11. Animal production statistics;

12. Survey on structure of agricultural holdings.