Transport is independent, commercial activity related to the transfer of material goods, people, and news from one place to another aimed at enabling the delivery of goods and meeting the social needs within the transport, as well as mutual exchange of people’s thoughts.

The legal basis

The legal basis for the implementation of transport statistical survey is the Law on Official Statistics and Official Statistical System of Montenegro ("Official Gazette of Montenegro“, No. 18/12 from 30. 03. 2012) and Annual Plan for statistical surveys.

The aim of statistical surveys

The aim of survays in the field of transport statistics is collecting, processing and disseminating data on the passengers, goods and infrastructure by type of traffic as well as data of the  postal and telecommunications services and infrastructure in the postal and telecommunications traffic. Furthermore the aim is collecting processing and disseminating data on traffic accidents, injured and killed persons in accidents and data on registered road motor vehicles and trailers. The data are used to monitor volume and the dynamics of the observed phenomenon.


Units for all survays of transport except survay of freight road transport are enterprises with 5 or more employees who are in the Statistical Business Register according to the activity classification in Section H (KD 2010), divisions 49, 50, 51, 52, 53 and Section J divisions  61. Survey on freight transport by road is carried out on a sample of road freight transport vehicles for transportation of goods payload of 3500 kg and higher, as well as tractors. Sources of data are legal and natural persons who are owners or users of vehicles there are in the sample. Frame for sample selection is a database of registered vehicles that are obtained from Ministry Interior of Montenegro.

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