Post and telecommunication services

PTT (post and telecommunication services) covers all services provided by enterprises which are engaged in clearance, sorting, transport, and delivering both postal transport services, and telecommunication transport services.
Aim of the survey on postal services and telecommunications is monthly and annual monitoring the trends in public postal services and telecommunications (transmission of voice and data).

The reporting units are all enterprises which are classified by the activity classification in the Unit Register, under Sector H (Postal activities), Area 53, and Sector J (Telecommunications), Area 61.

Postal service is a service of clearance, sorting, transport, and delivering of postal items in accordance with the accepted standards. Postal services are delivering mails within national and international transport, as well as other services defined by the nomenclature of postal services.
Postal item/Letter post is an item in the final form, in which it is to be carried by the postal and courier service provider. Postal items are letter mails, parcel mails, registered mails, insured mails, mails for the blind, other printed papers with commercial value, and business papers.
Telecommunication services cover services of transfer, sending or receiving signs, signals, written text, motions, speech, and sounds or releases of any type provided by wire, light, wireless or other electromagnetic circuits, including enabling the use of these circuits as the whole or partly renting them, purchase or in other manner.

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