IPA multi-beneficiary

General goal of IPA Multi-beneficiary is to assist to candidate and potential candidate countries, as well as areas ((Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, ex-Yugoslav republic Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia, and Kosovo and Turkey) – users, to face EU integrations challenges, to implement standards, policies and reforms needed for fulfilling of EU obligations and support their progress in the Process of stabilization and accession, as well as laying the foundations for meeting Copenhagen criteria for EU membership.

IPA is created in a way to provide adjustment to specific development needs of each country-user of this kind of assistance, with the aim of upgrading the effects of support provided. Related to statistics, main aim of IPA projects is preparation of statistical institutions within the user country for EU membership, harmonization of methodology with statistical part of acquis their integration into European statistical system.

With approval and support of Eurostat, Statistical Office became a direct beneficiary of grant contract within the IPA II multi-beneficiary programme 2014-2018, whose implementation started in 2015. A special importance of this type of contract reflects in the fact that the dedicated funds of IPA MB project is directly given to national statistical institution to manage it. As specially pointed out, this contract enables additional financial resources to the Statistical Office that influences on faster development of official statistical system.