Standard International Trade Classification, Revision 4 (2006)


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 Standard International Trade Classification, Fourth Revision


 SITC Rev. 4

Originating authority:

 United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD)

Legal basis:

 SITC, Rev. 4 was accepted by the United Nations Statistical Commission at its thirty-seventh session (March 2006).

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Linked classification(s):

 SITC (1951); SITC Rev. 1 (1961); SITC Rev. 2 (1975); SITC Rev. 3 (1988).


The scope of SITC, Revision 4, remains the same as that of SITC, Revision 3, that is to say SITC, Revision 4, covers all goods classifiable in HS except for monetary gold, gold coin and current coin. All SITC, Revision 4, basic headings (except for 911.0 and 931.0) are defined in terms of HS07 subheadings. Since SITC is now recommended only for analytical purposes, there was no need ¿except in several special cases- to create new basic headings in SITC, Revision 4, that would be in one-to-one correspondence with the new HS07 subheadings.


As a general rule, an SITC, Revision 3, basic heading was deleted if (a) corresponding HS88 subheadings had been deleted from HS07 or (b) its scope could not be defined in terms of HS07 subheadings without significant change (this occurred when involved HS88 subheadings were partially correlated to several HS07 subheadings). A new SITC, Revision 4, basic heading was introduced if (a) several new HS subheadings could be grouped in an economically meaningful way and such a group fitted into the classification scheme of SITC with no (or minimal) changes in the scope of the existing SITC, Revision 3, headings; (b) some HS subheadings merited separate identification in order to better reflect commodity structure and/or practice of customs in recording of international trade; or (c) owing to action taken in accordance with (a) and (b), some HS07 subheadings could not be correlated to the existing basic SITC, Revision 3, headings. In the process of revision, the scope of some headings was modified. When such a modification was deemed significant, the heading involved was assigned a new code.


1) Standard International Trade Classification, Second Revision (SITC Rev.3);

2) Harmonized System








Main statistical applications:




3) Central Product Classification  (CPC)
4) International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities, Third Revision (ISIC)




Analysis of international merchandise trade by interested countries and international organizations



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