Strategy of development of statistics

Strategic areas of development of Montenegrin statistics in the period 2014-2018 are determined by priority of harmonization of Montenegrin statistics with EU standards form one side and from the other current situation and real possibilities of statistical system.

The Development Strategy of Official Statistics 2014 - 2018 is a second strategy prepared for the official system of Montenegro in accordance with the Law on Official Statistics. The Development Strategy of Official Statistics determines the long-term goals based on the current state of affairs, needs and future development. 

Bearing in mind the overall goal of official statistics, which is a full harmonization of official statistics with the EU laws in the area of statistics until 2018, the Strategy defines the goals and expected results as well as the indicators measuring the progress in their achievement.  

The Strategy defines following strategic goals:

1. Harmonization of the official statistics of Montenegro with the legal system of the European Union related to official statistics

2. Management of quality by monitoring the application of the Code of Practice of European Statistics

3. Strengthening the administrative capacities through continuous development of human potential in view of sustainability of official statistics 

4. Stronger use of administrative sources in view of reduction of expenses and burden on respondent units

5. Better organisation and control of statistical processes by introducing modern technologies 

6. Enhancing the coordinating role of the Statistical Office in the Statistical System of Montenegro and the integration with the ESS

7. Development of dissemination in line with the development of information technologies and the improvement of communication with users

This strategy, in addition to the strategic objectives defined indicators through which the monitoring of the level of realization and implementation of goals will be easier.

Here you can download DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY OF STATISTICS 2014-2018 (PDF, 94KB).
Here you can download DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY OF STATISTICS 2019-2023 (PDF, 94KB).